Sawdust, sandpaper and precise calculations – and we’ve got the glue to hold your hard work together. Our researchers have measured the perfect strength adhesives for all your joinery needs. Whether you’re carving a countertop or perfecting a doorframe, you’ll always be able to rely on our products. 

  • L19

    TensorGrip® L19

    TensorGrip ®   L19 Formica Approved High Performance Laminate and Edging Adhesive  is suitable for bonding HPL laminate and edging materials to MDF, chipboard and plywood.

  • TensorGrip L24

    TensorGrip® L24

    TensorGrip ®   L24 High Performance Veneer Adhesive  has a fine spray for permanent bonding of veneers where immediate bond strength, water and lacquer resistance along with a high heat resistance are required.

  • TensorGrip L90

    TensorGrip® L90

    TensorGrip ® L90 Westag Approved High Performance Solid Surface Contact Adhesive   has been designed to bond solid surface acrylic sheets to most common subframe core materials including Westag's Getacore 3mm and 10mm sheets.

  • woodworking-counters

    Countertops & Worktops

    Save time and worry while achieving the BEST results with Tensor adhesives - formulated to produce countertops your customers expect. The smoothest, shiniest gloss; intricate curves; upmarket solid surface or a good old sturdy, durable worktop. Don't settle for less than the best.

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  • woodworking-contours

    Curvework & Contours

    Looking for a big relief to the old white-glue-and-clamping technique on contours? Let's meet Tensorgrip, the name of the first contact adhesive to ever aspire to such a task. (PS. Don't worry if you're still bent on the old method - we've got you covered there too)

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  • woodworking-doors


    Open the door to a whole new realm of time-saving, stress-reducing adhesives that let you create the finest doors in the industry!

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  • woodworking-cabinets


    Nothing increases your profits more than producing quality work. Boost your bottom line a bit more by taking adhesives a step further - i.e. replace fasteners with a superbly strong permanent bond on finished end panels. Trust our cabinetry range of adhesives to get results you can always count on.

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