We understand the importance of creating a solid reputation in the construction industry – which is why we’ve developed some of the finest building adhesives on the market. Designed to help you create bonds that last a lifetime, we offer innovative gluing solutions for the most demanding of applications. 

  • construction-wallpanels

    Wall panels

    No more waiting for the adhesive to cure. Produce SIPs faster than ever before. Install wall protection and panels at lightning speed. Welcome to the speed of Tensor!

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  • icons-construction-elevatordoors

    Elevator doors

    In the most demanding conditions, it’s vital your adhesive is up to the job. Boost your efficiency, make difficult bonds a breeze and comply with fire rating requirements, all with the help of trusty Tensor products.

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  • icons-construction-insulation


    When other fasteners won’t get the job done, trust Tensor to help you glue various types of insulation into place. Whether it’s foam, fibreglass or rubber, we give you wide spray patterns to cover the square footage in no time, as well as extended wand guns to help you reach more places. Add in thermal insulation, fibreglass, foam, EPS,...

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